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Yummy and Simple Cheese Puffs

Cheese Puffs – Cheese pies are a traditional fast food  that is sold in bakeries, and small fast food shops in Cities and Villages around Greece.   Many Greek cook and housewives prefer to make their own dough, of course, if your able to get the hang of kneading the dough. and then waiting  for it to rise and so on and so forth  The truth is its always much more fun to make everything from scratch.   If your not able to make your dough due to your daily hectic schedule, then the best solution is to buy Phyllo from your local supermarket. ( This recipe is based on store bought Phyllo).

The cheese filling is made from Feta Cheese which sometimes can either be Salty or Peppery taste.  This is based on what type of Feta cheese your taste buds enjoy  :).   What I recommend and often due is add a little milk in my cheese filling, this makes the cheese less Salty and or Peppery, if your not the type that enjoys sharp or tangy  tastes.

My recipe is very simple, all you have to do is follow my instructions below step by step:

20170217_131047         20170217_131638         

                  Eggs                                              Feta Cheese

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        Phyllo rolled                                    Phyllo Strips


Simple and Yummy Cheese Puffs



  • 500 grams of Feta Cheese
  • 2    Eggs Medium or Large size
  • 1    Package of Phyllo Dough
  • 3   Table Spoons of Milk
  • 1    Table Spoon of Dill optional


  • We start by opening  the package of dough, the package might contain either 8 or 10 sheets.  Basically what we need to do is to layer half of the Phyllo sheets one on top of the other and with a knife we cut long strips from top to bottom.  It does not matter how the dough is placed sideways, or horizontally, as long as the sheets are long.  (See picture below)
  • In a large bowl, we add the Feta Cheese, take a fork  which we use to push down so that we make the cheese into small pieces, so at the end it looks like its melted.  If you have a few clumps, no need to worry, very normal.  We then to our cheese,  the eggs, milk, dill and mix it together.  We add a small part of our cheese mix onto the bottom center of the phyllo sheets and we slowly roll towards the upper part and take both sides and fold them inwards.  Repeat the process until you have finished rolling all the dough. (See photo above)
  • We have already buttered our baking pan and started adding our cheese puffs.  Once, we have done that we butter each cheese puff thoroughly, then place it in the oven.  Cheese puffs take about half an hour to bake, that depends on your stove, new - old,  but keep in mind once they are golden brown the cheese puffs are ready.   Cheese puffs are eaten cold or hot depending on your appetite.  🙂

I would like to wish you all Good Luck and let me know how they turned out.  If you have any questions, I am more than happy to help you.  Bye for now…..but I will be back with another one of my recipes soon.

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  1. That looks very delicious.

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