White Chocolate Mousse Dessert Bomb

White Chocolate Mousse Bomb

Hellllo there,  🙂

How is everyone?  Is anyone on Vacation yet??? I would love to know where you are at or where you might be going??? or doing over the summer?  I know a few of my blogger friends will be visiting Greece this summer.  I hope everyone enjoys there Greek Summer Vacation, with the amazing beaches and DELICIOUS FOOD and DESSERTS.   Remember if you are a Vegan or a Vegetarian, the Greek Cuisine has many dishes for you!!!

Alrighty, well in my previous post I had mentioned that I would tell you what I had ordered at the Greek Tavern Arpagio in Fiscardo Kefalonia.   Well, I ordered this yummmyyyyy, delicious little White Chocolate Mousse, and listen to this with NO SUGAR Bomb.  It was amazing!! It had a small layer of Chocolate Sponge Cake on the bottom and continued with the White Mousse which was very light, since there was no sugar added.

I ate this soooo slowlyyy, I wanted to enjoy every bite.  🙂

Don’t forget if you get a chance to go to Kefalonia, drop by Arpagio Tavern and ask for Valentina and that 10% discount. 🙂


I took this shot on our way back from Fiscardo..Another beautiful sunset in Greece.

Have a great weekend!!!


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  • Megala 10 months ago Reply
    Oooh! This looks sooo scrumptious, and the sugar-free bombs excite me a lot! :)
    foodzesty 9 months ago Reply
    Ohhh Megalaaa it was delicious!!!
  • MichaelStephenWills 10 months ago Reply
    We never travel during the summer, the Finger Lakes are perfection at this time. We save travel for the poor weather months. Cheers.
    foodzesty 9 months ago Reply
    Ahhh, unfortunately, Greece is more of a Summer destination. But Michael if I ever win the lottery be sure that I will absolutely buy your tickets so that you can come to Greece and enjoy the food and beaches...:)
    MichaelStephenWills 9 months ago
    You are most generous. Really, money is not the issue...anyway, our neighbors are from Sparta and give us reports of their trips to visit friends and family. Cheers.
    foodzesty 9 months ago
    This is just the way I am :)
  • I feel this was just mean Sophie. You know I am no where near Greece hehehehe :) It looks and sounds wonderful :) the sunset is beautiful
    foodzesty 9 months ago Reply
    I am so sorry, I didn't mean it to be mean..But as I told another blogger friend...just a few minutes ago if I win the Lottery be sure that your tickets will be bought by me and you will visit Greece. :) Huge hugs dear friend
    hehehe I was jesting. We say that around here when someone shows us something good that we don’t get to partake in, we say, that’s just mean, or now, you are just being mean. It is a term of jesting :) BUT if I am ever in you neck of the woods, I will love to sit with you and eat some great food :)
    foodzesty 9 months ago
    I know what you meant...Growing up in New York...we used that a lottttt hehhehehe...My neck of the woods is the Netherlands but I would love it!!!!
    My passport just arrived a few days ago LOL ;)
    foodzesty 9 months ago
    Hiii ok, so I guess we just have to wait to win the lottery. :)
  • Invisibly Me 9 months ago Reply
    Those visiting the Greek Tavern Arpagio should take note of this - that dessert looks incredible! Yum yum yummmmmm! xx
  • dtills 9 months ago Reply
    This just makes me drool Sophie😋
    foodzesty 9 months ago Reply
    Hi Deeeee How are you?
    dtills 9 months ago
    Hey Sophie! I’m good, would have preferred a differ ent outcome for Wimbledon 🤨
    foodzesty 9 months ago
    Good morning Dee, Me too

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