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Spring Roasted Veggie Casserole

Back to Veggies again…hoorayyyy, so happy when my recipes have veggies as the main ingredients.  I actually took a picture of my mini little garden so that you can see how it’s coming along.  (I am sure Luda from Plants and Beyond will love this 🙂 I did take Luda’s […]

Spring Lentil Salad

Spring has found us hoorayyy,,,yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny, the birds chirping, ducks were quacking..we have a small lake a few feet away from our home so we do have ducks and in each May two swans appear and stay for a couple of weeks before they move on. […]

Baked Chickpea Stew (Revithada)

I haven’t been feeling well these past few days,,,earache 🙁 but I am better today so I was able to post my recipe. 🙂  Have you ever eaten Baked Chickpeas? if not then this is a must try recipe. A vegetarian dish so easy to make with just a few […]

Veggie Snack

I can’t really say much about this recipe, except that it is so delicious,!!! and I am sure that I will find a few of you out there who will absolutely love it. 🙂  Baked Broccoli dipped in mustard and yogurt and just a pinch of paprika..:) A delicious recipe […]

Oven baked Giant White Beans (Gigantes sto fourno)

These past few days I have been following a free on-line Food Blogger Bootcamp from Food Blogger Pro, if  you have a moment check out there site fellow food bloggers..:) I followed this because I consider myself to still be knew to all of this, and I knew that I […]

Mushroom, Orzo, and Pea Salad

I hope everyone had a good week, mine has been a bit hectic but it looks like everything is slowly getting back to normal.  I needed to put together something very quickly to eat because these past few days, I have not been sleeping or eating well.  I truly was […]