Deep Fried Meatballs

Hey there everyone, I hope you are all well..I have been back since Saturday and working on getting back into things, but the truth is that it is very hard.  It was nice to see some family and friends, most were quite busy so it was unfortunate that we could not meet but that is ok next time for sure.  I wasn’t able to post these few weeks that I was away because of lack of internet access, so I took a few photos of what I found so delicious and decided to post these few food bites. 🙂

Athens was busy and hectic and HOT!! but interesting to see how some things have changed this past year.  I met up with my mom and headed to this little Tavern near her house which has amazing home cooked meals, one of their specialties are the Deep Fried Meatballs they had which were just amazing in texture and taste.  Since it is Deep Fried you can’t really eat much of it so the dish is quite simple as you can see in the photo topped with just a dash of Oregano. 🙂  The recipe to these Deep Fried Meatballs are similar to the ones that I make at home with the difference that I usually bake them, and I do love to eat deep friend foods sometimes.   

This will be a short post as it is my first in a while, but I have so many to post with such delicious recipes I picked up while being back in Greece. 

Have a great week everyone!!!



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  • Lisa@LismorePaper 1 year ago — Reply
    It sounds like a wonderful vacation! These look absolutely delicious, I have never had this before. 😊💗
    foodzesty 1 year ago — Reply
    It was nice...Thank you Lisa :)
  • Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) 1 year ago — Reply
    Welcome back from your lovely vacation, Sophie! 💙💙
    foodzesty 1 year ago — Reply
    Thank you Diana..:) I hope all is well with you :)
    Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) 1 year ago
    You're welcome and at the moment, I'm trying to cope with an adjustment at work.
    foodzesty 12 months ago
    Hi Diana, what changed? I have missed posts these past 3 wks
    Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) 12 months ago
    I didn't share much details on here, but it's do to with work.
    foodzesty 12 months ago
    I understand :)
  • mistimaan 1 year ago — Reply
    Nice recipe
    foodzesty 1 year ago — Reply
    Thank you P :)
  • dtills 1 year ago — Reply
    Sl glad you had a great trip Sophie💕😊
    foodzesty 12 months ago — Reply
    Ummm will get back to you with an email :)
  • Orvillewrong 12 months ago — Reply
    They look so appetising!
    foodzesty 12 months ago — Reply
    Thank you!!! :)
  • RhapsodyBoheme 12 months ago — Reply
    Welcome back lovely. Hugs xo
    foodzesty 12 months ago — Reply
    Thank you nice to be back :)

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