Spicy Feta Cheese Dip (Tyrokafteri)

Hey there!   I have been busy because the Children’s workshop is coming up next week, and so I have been preparing a few other things to talk about besides just cooking the food and feeding them. 🙂  My friend asked me if I was willing to translate a few words from English to Greek for the children, and I thought that was so sweet. 🙂  Some of the words are Mom, Dad, Thank you, Grandfather, Grandmother, Please, Hello and few more…they will actually have them written on Index cards so that the children will be able to pronounce the words along with me.  🙂  I think this is an amazing experience and very glad to be a part of it. 🙂

The weekend has come around again, and so if you are planning on having friends or family over try out this absolutely amazing that is if you love Hot Chilli Peppers combined with Feta Cheese. I am sure you, your friends and family will love this dip! This is my absolute favorite, I think I can say in all honesty that I love this even more than the Greek Roe Fish Dip.   I chose a milder pepper for this dip because up and until Tuesday we were having major heatwaves here so I didn’t want to make it super hot. 

I don’t usually find a milder pepper  in the market, so this actually was quite a surprise because the dip had just the right balance that I wanted between the cheese and the pepper. 🙂 Now, if you want to go super hot go for it 🙂  3 simple ingredients make an amazing dip,  if you do try this recipe let me know if you liked it!!


Prep Time: 10 minutes

1 Chilli Pepper (mild or strong) 

1 cup Feta Cheese

2 tablespoons Olive Oil



Cut Feta Cheese into pieces,


add the cheese into the food processor along with the Chilli Pepper and Olive Oil.


Beat until all combined and you have a lovely smooth texture.


Spread on toasted or fresh bread.  🙂  This will keep in the refrigerator for at least 4 days, that;s if you have any left over!! 🙂

Kali Orexi!!! 🙂   Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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  • mistimaan 4 months ago Reply

    Looks yummy

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thanks so much P! So very sorry for my late responses.

  • Megala 4 months ago Reply

    Yum! Lovely spicy dip!

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you Megala…

  • Orvillewrong 4 months ago Reply

    It looks very appetising

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you so very much. 🙂

  • Jyo 4 months ago Reply

    How simple !! Love these kinda quick fix dishes, seems great with grissinis, nachos and even parathas too😊

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you Jyo yep all good on all the above mentioned hahahhaha

  • bingingonabudget 4 months ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to try this one. Do you have any other good snack recipes I should try?

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you very much and you are most welcome…Yes I do have a few more on my blog..Not really sure if you love Olives, There is also a Olive dip and one more Feta Dip with Red Bell Peppers. 🙂

  • Lisa@LismorePaper 4 months ago Reply

    This looks amazing!!

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much Lisa…so sorry once again for my late responses. 🙂

  • Sounds delicious, Sophie! I am going to try that as we are Feta lovers and chilli is daily must 😅💕

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you Verooooooo!!! are you in the UK or back home? Have you heard anything from Karin?? I sent her an email but no where to be found!!

    You are very welcome, Sophie! We are in UK now as I am not able to have holiday now. No I have not… I was wondering as well where is she

    foodzesty 4 months ago

    Hi Vero ohh no vacation this time ok. Yes, I sent Karin an email but never received an answer I do hope all is well with Karin.

    I hope as well… Let me know if you know something more <3 Hugs from here, Sophie!

    foodzesty 4 months ago

    Huge hugs Vero 🙂

  • KD 4 months ago Reply

    Sounds like the perfect addition to my toasted bread 😉

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Awwww Thank you so very much 🙂 Glad you liked it 🙂

  • midliferevelations 4 months ago Reply

    Feta cheese is the bomb dot com…unless it’s heated up, then it tastes like something from a horror show lol. This looks AMAZING as always! That bread though! I love a nice, crusty bread. My problem is, being a liver patient, I’m on a very restricted diet when it comes to salt and most bread is loaded with it. I need to find a good, salt free recipe that I can make in the oven. Keep up the amazing work!

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments…Ok I understand salt is an issue. To be honest I barely add any salt to my food I leave it up to everyone else how much they want to add into their food. 🙂 I think this the best way dealing with salt….Thank you so much and huge hugs..:) My apologises for my late response.

  • dtills 4 months ago Reply

    I love the color for this one, a pretty dip💕

    foodzesty 4 months ago Reply

    Thanks Deeeee!!! Send you a response later today 🙂

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