Lemon Posset Surprise


Lemon Posset mmmhhhh I haven’t made this in years! So why is it a surprise well because when you make Lemon Posset you have to use heavy cream, and since I can’t find any in my area I substituted the cream with condensed milk.  Surprise! 🙂 hahaha

Ok, well that really isn’t the only surprise..since Mother’s Day is coming up and my mom lives in Greece and I live in NL, there is no way for me to be able to celebrate with her besides calling her up. Since we both love Lemon tasty desserts I made this Lemon Posset as a small celebration for her to see.  🙂  My mom is not a tech expert she really doesn’t know how to use the internet to search and look up my blog, so what I do is I always take a picture before I post it and send it to her via Viber so that she can see what I made.  🙂  This keeps her in the loop  with what I am doing…:)  and she enjoys it. 🙂

Lemon Posset one of the easiest desserts to make so if you love lemon or lime you should try this out…..only two ingredients go into making this dessert so simple.  Now, because I used condensed milk there was no need to add sugar, it is already very sweet enough as it is, so I just added the lemon juice. 🙂 If you want it even sweeter go ahead and add as much sugar as you think is necessary.  I think my British friends will enjoy this one because the origin of the Lemon Posset is from the UK…They used it as a cold/flu remedy back in the old days, it was a warm milk drink with added wine, beer 🙂 and spice. 🙂  Nice!!

So, I would like to wish a lovely Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world, and enjoy your lovely day!!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom 🙂  Ta leme meso telefonou 🙂


3 cups Condensed Milk

3 freshly squeezed Lemons 

1/2 cup Sugar (optional)




Add the condensed milk into a sauce pan and bring to a light boil on medium heat.  I did not add any sugar but if  you need to add more it is completely up to you.


Fresh Lemon juice.


Add the lemon juice into the milk, continue to stir until this has thicken.


This makes 2 portions so once it is ready pour into  glasses  or small bowls and let it cool for a while before placing into the fridge to chill for 5 hrs…:)  Top it by adding colorful fruit. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day 



Kali Orexi!! 🙂



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  1. jyo says:

    Such an interesting dessert with a few ingredients…i bet it tasted too good. Happy Mother’s Day 👩

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so much Jyo…have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Oh – I want that surprise too!

    1. foodzesty says:

      hehehehe 🙂

  3. Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi Sophie,

    I love lemon in all ways. I love it in salads, on meat in glass. That looks so delicious !

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thanks so much Ben 🙂 Have a lovely weekend

  4. Hello Sophie! What a refreshing dessert! 🙂 Definitely my type 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you Vero 🙂 you too.

  5. Megala says:

    What a beautiful dessert ! Looks absolutely delicious !!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so much Megala for your lovely words 🙂 have a lovely weekend 🙂

  6. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

    Nice! Wishing you a blessed weekend, Sophie.

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you Diana, wishing you a lovely weekend

      1. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

        You’re welcome, Sophie, and thank you as well. 💙

      2. foodzesty says:


  7. OH wow Sophie, this sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try it. Have a wonderful weekend :):)

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thanks so much Margaret…Let me know if you liked it…have a lovely weekend 🙂

      1. Thank you Sophie :):) I certainly will.

      2. foodzesty says:


  8. dtills says:

    I need to get more condensed milk into my life😉!

  9. Such a delicious dessert for Mother’s Day !!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you 🙂 Hope all is well with you 🙂

  10. KD says:

    So simple and yet so delicious. I’ll have to try this some time. My husband loves any desert using lemons!

  11. Superbly sweet!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Awww Thank you so much 🙂

  12. Ramyarecipes says:

    Simple to make and so beautiful 😍
    Happy Mother’s Day Sophie ❤️🙂👍

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you…Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  13. Orvillewrong says:

    It looks beautiful!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so very much 🙂

  14. That’s a lovely dessert Sophie! I love lemon flavor!😊

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you Ursula 🙂

  15. That looks very refreshing, Sophie. Perfect dessert for hot summer days 🙂

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thanks so much Karin…:) I hope all is well..

      1. Thank you – I enjoy spring, and I hope you too!!!

      2. foodzesty says:


  16. This looks lovely!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so very much but I absolutely adore your blog title…I love BUTTERFLIES 🙂

      1. Aw, thanks so much! That’s very kind of you. They make me happy too. 😀

      2. foodzesty says:

        They are so beautiful..so colorfull 🙂

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