Mango, Rum & Yogurt Dessert


Your probably thinking to yourselves right about now, OMG Sophie another Mango recipe!! ufff hehehehe.  I know, I know but I still have a few more Mangos to get through and well,  why not share with you another wonderful recipe that has Mango in it.  This one is so yummy because it has yogurt, honey and rum & blueberry topping. 🙂 Have I gotten your attention yet with this one?  I hope so 🙂 

I have a really close friend who just the other day told me that she doesn’t like Mangos :(.  It was so funny because I had just posted the Mango Smoothie and I was on the phone with her when she saw my post and right away voiced in a really hilarious way “I don’t like Mangos SORRYYY”.  hehehe  I was quite surprised because I have known her for more than 10 yrs. and this I think is the only topic we have never discussed…Tropical Fruit. 🙂 

I am sure that there are more people out there who do not care for this fruit, just like I don’t care for bananas..:) I think, no I know when I stopped eating bananas, I was very young and heading into the kitchen when I saw my mom who was about to feed my baby brother at the time take a banana and mush it all up (just remembering the site makes my face all cringy) and started to feed him.  I’m not exactly sure what happened it could have been the smell of the banana or the site hmm. but that was the last time I ate one. 🙂  Till this day if I see someone eating a banana I walk the other way or go into another room..yep that’s what I do. 🙂

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy this dessert as much I do.  😉


2 Mangos (sliced)

3 cups Greek Yogurt

2 tablespoons Honey

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Lime Zest or Lemon Zest

1/2 cup Blueberries

1/4 cup of Mango (cut into cubes)

1 tablespoon Rum

1 small plastic bag for yogurt mix



When you start to cut the Mango just set a side a piece that has been cubed so that you can use for your topping.  Place cut pieces of Mango into a blender.


Blend Mangos for a few minutes and then set aside.


In a bowl add the yogurt.


Along with the honey.


Mix ingredients until nicely blended.


Continue by adding the vanilla extract.


Use a small grater if you have one for zest.


Add zest into yogurt mix.


Here is a really nice trick to help you add the yogurt mix or whipping cream into the bag.  Take a large glass add in the plastic bag and just fold the open part of the bag around the  around the lid of the glass.  This way you don’t have to hold the bag 🙂


In a smaller bowl add in the chopped mango, blueberries and rum.  Place in the fridge for about 1/2 hr.   


Take a glass and start by adding a large spoonful of mango into the glass, then a layer of yogurt mix, continue with another spoonful of mango until all mixtures are done.  Top off by adding the rum mix. 🙂  Place in fridge for 1 hr to chill. 

Kali Orexi!!! 🙂




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    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so very much for re blogging 🙂

  1. jyo says:

    Pure temptation Sophie 🔝

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so much Jyo…huge huge hugs..

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      Thank you very much so very kind of you 🙂

  3. What a dessert, Sophie! <3 What a combination with rum 🙂

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thanks so much sweet girl!! 🙂

  4. wildfood9 says:

    er kan nooit te veel mango zijn 🙂

    1. foodzesty says:

      Yep, I absolutely agree 🙂

  5. Delicious!😋😋😋

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you so very much!! 🙂

  6. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

    Looks like a tasty dessert, Sophie!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you Diana! huge hugs

      1. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

        Most welcome! 💙

  7. Kim says:

    Mango, rum and desert. How can you go wrong?! 😉

    1. foodzesty says:

      heheheh Never!!!

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  8. PS says:

    So tempting!! Perfect summer treat! You can never go with Mangoes.

    1. foodzesty says:

      I absolutely agree !! 🙂

  9. PS says:

    I mean never go wrong with Mangoes*…

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  10. InspiresN says:

    mango desserts are always yum!

    1. foodzesty says:

      I agree!! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  11. dtills says:

    These look great! And, for the record, I like both bananas and mangos!! But, I detest all things melon. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew..yuck 🤢

    1. foodzesty says:

      Good to know Dee….So when you finally get a chance to come to NL I will be sure not have any of those fruits around 🙂

      1. dtills says:

        I would be so excited to be there it won’t matter!!😊

      2. foodzesty says:

        Awww Dee!!! 🙂

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  12. That looks absolutely scrumptious, Sophie!

    1. foodzesty says:

      Thank you!!! it is delicious 🙂

  13. You had my attention already with the title! Love it!😍

    1. foodzesty says:

      hahahhahaha Huge hugssss

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