Greek Tartar Dip

I like to oven bake Calamari, it gives it a much lighter taste than frying. But Calamari needs to have  a dip to enjoy the taste.  Some prefer just to add lemon juice which I also enjoy but I wanted something different, so I  made this tasty Tartar dip.  I have not added any onions or garlic because the taste of the dip just disappears with the intensity of the garlic and added onion.  🙂  Simple to make and great to eat!!! 🙂


1 cup Mayonaisse

1 cup Greek Yogurt

1 large Pickle or 6 small chopped 

1/2 tablespoon of Capers finely chopped

1/2 lemon juice

1 1/2 teaspoon of Dijon Mustard





In a small bowl combine yogurt and mayonnaise.


Add in all the ingredients and whisk until nicely combined.  If you want the dip to have  a much tangier taste add some extra mustard or lemon.  You can use this dip with any fish dish,  or if you love fish sandwiches use it as a great spread….:)

Kali Orexii!!!  🙂








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  • jyo 10 months ago Reply

    Super yummy dip ✌✌

    foodzesty 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you Jyo 🙂

  • mistimaan 10 months ago Reply

    So nice it is

    foodzesty 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you P 🙂

  • Megala 10 months ago Reply

    Lovely creamy dip !

    foodzesty 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you Megala 🙂

  • So simple but sounds so good. Thanks you for sharing it Sophie :):)

    foodzesty 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you Margaret still can’t stop laughing from your comment about your stomach hahahhaa

    It was crazy, I hadn’t ate before I read the posts. all I could hear was this noise bellowing from my stomach, oh my it was hilarious!

    foodzesty 10 months ago

    When I read your comment Margaret I literally fell off the couch laughing…thank you so much because not only did you make me laugh you made my day by letting me know that my photos actually make you hungry. 🙁 thank you so much sweet lady 🙂

    :):) well that is a blessing to me too. Any time I can make someone laugh, it is a blessing. That laughter is a joyful noise to God 😉 Yes, your pictures are very appetizing. You do well with them.

    foodzesty 10 months ago

    So true

  • chefkreso 10 months ago Reply

    Just how I make it as well 🙂

    foodzesty 10 months ago Reply

    It is good 🙂

  • Siyana 10 months ago Reply

    I love this! I also put some garlic and dill in my souse, it’s really yummy!

    foodzesty 10 months ago Reply

    Hi!!! Thank you!! Yes, there are so many variations of this recipe 😉

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