Mac n’ Cheese Spinach Casserole

Amongst some of my favorite cooking shows American, 🙂 British, (I do enjoy watching Nigella but my absolute favorite is Lorraine Pascale) 🙂 French and Italian, 🙂 haven’t found a good Spanish one yet..(so if anyone in Spain knows one please let me know so I can watch it),  I also have a favorite Greek Cooking show which is at least for me the best I have seen from Greece so far.  The host’s name is Vaggelis Driskas and the cooking show is called MasterClass.  His cookbooks have been awarded and have easy to follow recipes, the great part is that some do come in the English language.   So, if your into watching International Cooking Shows, I am sure you will enjoy his even though Greek is the main language on his show, but that should not stop you because I watch many different cooking shows from around the world and I just look at the ingredients and know what they are making.  

Till this day I have yet to meet someone who has told me that they don’t love good old fashion Mac n’ Cheese…:) So, a few days ago I was watching his show and he did this fantastic Mac n’ Cheese Spinach Casserole, which I just had to try! and I did and it came out so delicious that I wanted to share the recipe with you.  If you love Mac n’ Cheese, you will love the twist that he has given to this dish.  I tweaked it with a little more Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese.  🙂


500 grams Penne pasta

250 grams Cottage Cheese

250 grams Cheddar Cheese

300 grams Spinach

1 tablespoon Mustard (Dijon)


1/2  teaspoon Nutmeg 

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese

Bechamel Sauce:

300 ml fresh Milk

2 tablespoons Butter

2 tablespoons All Purpose Flour



In a small sauce pan add in the butter to melt, slowly add in the flour while stirring and continuing with the milk,  add in a pinch of salt to make a nice Bechamel Sauce.


Add in the mustard, nutmeg while stirring.  In a large pot boil pasta for about 5 minutes, drain and place in a large bowl.


Continue by adding into the bechamel sauce the cottage, cheddar and parmesan cheese.


Wash Spinach and drain.  


Place pasta into a large bowl and in the bechamel sauce, spinach and combine ingredients…:)


In a baking pan add in the pasta mix and top off with Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese.  Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown.   If you decide to make it let me know how it came out.  This was delicious…..:)

Kali Orexi!!!  




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  • That looks great, Sophie. Hope you are well?
    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply
    Thank you Karin ..I am better 😊😊😊
  • mistimaan 1 year ago Reply
    So yummy it is :)
    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply
    Thanks P!
  • Megala 1 year ago Reply
    Lovely cheesy casserole !!
    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply
    Thank you Megala Mee too :)
  • dtills 1 year ago Reply
    Looks like today is the day you (sort of) meet someone who doesn't like mac and cheese! My daughter and mother in law do not eat cheese. Can you believe it! No allergies or lactose issues, they just don't like it. So, I don't make many cheese dishes for my family :(
    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply
    Reallyyy hahaha and there you go...😊😊😊
  • Mayasbeehive 1 year ago Reply
    what a delicious casserole! many thanks for sharing the recipe:) I'll give it a try soon:)
    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply
    Thank you!! Let me know how it worked out :)
    Mayasbeehive 1 year ago
    will do:)

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