Chocolate Sponge Cake – Sokolatopita

Chocolate mmmmhhh a favorite sweet that most just love.  I haven’t made this Chocolate Sponge cake in a while, and I decided to make it last night. I had all the ingredients and it only took about 35 minutes. Just mixed, baked and it was ready! 

When the cake finally cooled off, it was time to start pouring the homemade chocolate syrup on top, I have to admit just looking at it had me drooling and I’m not even a chocolate lover…Me like white Chocolate. 🙂 

Every dish or dessert I make I have to taste, this cake has me second guessing about not liking chocolate!!! 🙂  I added Cognac into the batter just to give it a bit of twist 🙂

If you haven’t had Chocolate Sponge Cake try this recipe you’ll love it!!



1 cup water

250 grams Butter

1 1/2 cup Sugar

3/4 cups Cocoa

1/2 cup Cognac (optional)

2 tablespoons Vanilla powder extract or liquid

Sprinkles (optional)

Cake batter:

1 1/2 cups All purpose flour

4 Eggs

2 teaspoons Baking powder

1 pinch Salt




In a large sauce pan melt  butter, sugar, cocoa, water.



 In a large bowl add the flour, baking power, salt and eggs.  Beat nicely and set aside.


Before pouring syrup into the batter, set aside 1 small cup of syrup.  Pour syrup very slowly and mix.


Stir cake batter and add in the Vanilla extract.


Pour in  Cognac. Pour batter into a buttered baking pan, and bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.



This cake will not rise like the normal sponge cake, this is a bit flatter, buttt two pieces one on top of the other will absolutely do the trick, as you can see in the picture.  🙂 

The cup of syrup that was set aside you can use to pour onto each piece as an added addition,  I added sprinkles on this piece 🙂

Hope you enjoy this recipe!!!

Kali Orexi!!! 🙂


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  • Ben Aqiba 1 year ago Reply

    Can I get one piece 🙂

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    hahahah sure where shall I sent it?

    Ben Aqiba 1 year ago

    The intention is quite enough 🙂
    Thank you.That’s looking great

    foodzesty 1 year ago

    hahahhaha ok Ben

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    I asked another blogger friend yesterday if he could send me a piece of his chocolate ras cake but no luck hahahhaaha….

    Ben Aqiba 1 year ago

    It seems this is my day 🙂

    foodzesty 1 year ago

    Have a good one!!! 🙂

    msw blog 1 year ago Reply

    Me to with a glass of good red wine 😋

    foodzesty 1 year ago


  • olivetreebythesea 1 year ago Reply

    These pictures make me crave for sweeeets 🙂

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you!!

  • jyo 1 year ago Reply

    Yumminess loaded 👍👍

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply


  • chefkreso 1 year ago Reply

    Simple yet so chocolaty and delicious, nice work, I’ll have to give it a try soon! 🙂

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply


  • Edmark M. Law 1 year ago Reply

    I’m planning to bake something this weekend. Might as well try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Your welcome..let me know if you need any help 🙂

  • dtills 1 year ago Reply

    Looks so good Sophie! I always add coffee to my chocolate recipes -of course I do have a dependency on coffee :), but Cognac sounds great!

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thanks Dee dee!!!! I think anything added to a cake may that be coffee or liqueur will still taste delicious 😊😊😊😊

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Are you packed an ready to go?

    dtills 1 year ago

    On the plane now! Have a great weekend Sophie!

    foodzesty 1 year ago


    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Dee dee can you do me a favor and check out this fantastic blog Novus Lectio…has beautiful poetry and so much more Thank you !!! 🙂

    dtills 1 year ago

    I will when I land✈️

  • Peg Glover 1 year ago Reply

    Looks Heavenly!!

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thanks Peg 🙂

  • Megala 1 year ago Reply

    Beautiful & tempting cake !

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you Megala 🙂

  • That looks so mouthwatering! I really need a piece of that cake 🙂

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Awww Thank you!!!

  • Makes me want to lick my computer screen…YUM!

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Hahahaha so funny Margaret

  • This looks so scrumptious!😋

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you Ursula!! 🙂

  • ramyarecepies 1 year ago Reply

    I have nominated you for Liebster Award please checkout this link
    Participation is optional

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    No way Thank you so and very much 🙂

  • mistimaan 1 year ago Reply

    So yummy 🙂

    Hi, I have nominated you for the liebster Award

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Hi!! Thank you very much 🙂 very honored

  • Novus Lectio 1 year ago Reply

    You’ve been nominated again

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you very much B 🙂 very honored

  • MoJo 1 year ago Reply

    Again it just feels cruel to make and post pics of food that looks so amazing, yet there are samples in my mailbox. Hmm. 😘

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Im starting to feel bad Jo…I wish I was able to send you some of my cooking. 😊

    MoJo 1 year ago

    Ha! Me, too, mamacita but I love seeing what you do. You are so good at it girl. I’m waiting for the zesty show to end up on my TV one day. Can’t wait!

    foodzesty 1 year ago


  • This is absolutely divine!!!💗

    foodzesty 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you so much Lisa…:) I so absolutely love your blog 🙂

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