Biscuits with Jam

Had a craving for homemade biscuits yesterday, so I decided to make this simple recipe.  They are very tasty and soooo good with a good cup of  any coffee.  Personally, I am a fan of Cappuccino…….:)


125 grams of butter softened

125 grams of Sugar

1 egg

1 tablespoon of Vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of Baking Power

375 grams of All- Purpose Baking Flour

Jam or Marmalade

Cooking sheet


Add butter and sugar into a large bowl and mix until well combined.  Toss in the sugar, egg, vanilla extract, baking power and flour and beat until it becomes one large mass.

Take a teaspoon of the dough make into a small ball.  Place on cooking sheet.  Once this step is done, just press down in the center of the dough so that you can start adding in your Jam, or Marmalade.

Pre-heat oven and bake for 20 minutes.


Kali Orexi!  🙂


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  • dtills 2 years ago Reply
    Saw these on instagram and had an instant drool reflex :)

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