Colorful Vegetable Cassarole

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.   I thought that since Spring is right around the corner, that you would enjoy a colorful Cassarole dish.  My recipe is filled with colorful vegetables, truly very simple to make, mix, toss, and bake.  While I was making this dish, many Spring and Summer visions come to mind, flowers blooming, the beach, the sun, vacation time,  and ahhhh relaxing.  🙂  So, here we gooooooooo!!!!


5   Eggplants

3   Zucchini

3   Garlic Cloves

2   Onions

4   Potatoes

1   Tomato

Teaspoons Tomato Paste

1/2 cup Vegetable Oil

3/4 cup Olive Oil

1 Red Bell Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Paprika  (optional)

1 cup Water






Dice the Zucchini, Eggplants, Potatoes, Pepper, Garlic, Onions and Tomato, add all your ingredients into a large bowl and toss around  a few times. Then add your mixture into your baking pan and add 1/2 cup Vegetable Oil, 3/4 cup Olive Oil,  Salt and Pepper, 1 cup water, Tomato Paste, and if you enjoy Paprika, please go ahead and add this spice into your mixture.

Tip: In a large bowl add water and a teaspoon of salt.  Toss in the diced Eggplants and leave in for about 15 minutes.  (see photo)  This step is necessary because Eggplants tend to bitter, and this is a good way to get rid of the bitterness.

Place pan into your oven and bake at 180 degrees for 1 hr.  Check your food while it is baking, and toss it around a few times, so that it does not stick to the bottom.

This is a great dish that can be served hot or cold, with a  fresh piece of toasted bread, topped with Olive Oil and Oregano.    🙂

Till next time!



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  • Megala 2 years ago Reply
    Great recipe! Thanks for sharing!!
    foodzesty 2 years ago Reply
    Your more than welcome!!! I am happy you enjoyed reading the recipe.

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